Yadadiyah Ban Ammi Yasharahla: From the Worldly Streets to the Spiritual Streets

What does 1Corthians13:11 KJV mean to you? How does it resonate with your spirit? 

Yadadiyah:1 Corinthians 13:11… I will start by using this scripture, Romans 7:9 For I was alive once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died. What I thought defined me as a man was nothing until I found out the true knowledge of who I am, and what I have lead to understand about the Everlasting Father.  Paul said it best, that I count all things’ a loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ. In truth, I always felt as if I was running on a treadmill and never getting anywhere until I found my true identity. Through searching the scriptures and applying the laws daily to my walk, to my life only then did I start to find purpose and structure. Though everything that I ever experienced in life would be a measuring stick to see how far I have come, as well as seeing how far I have to go, striving for perfection.

What are some strongholds Israelite men face in the world and on this spiritual journey?

Yadadiyah: I would have to say our pride. Ecclesiaticus (Sirach) 10:7 Pride is hateful before God and man: and by both doth one commit iniquity. Pride is the reason why I believe we cannot unite as a people, or simply come together to agree to disagree. We have so much that keeps us divided that I believe it’s going to take total kaos to bring us together. Pride is a tree with many leaves and branches that stem into other areas as well.

Give us your outlook of being healed?

Yadadiyah: Matthew 9:12 But when Yashaya heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. This Word is healing when allowed to operate properly, and when faith is applied faithfully. Everyone is sick with the disease of death so we all need healing everyone of us. This Word will heal the most shattered person, no matter the situation. It will take a prostitute and make her a saint, and drug dealer and make him a king; while at the same time leaving a scare to remember so that person can tell someone else to help heal them. The overwhelming side effects of this Word, of prophecy being fulfilled through the True Children of the Light has this last prophetic kingdom on wits end. This Word is restoring homes (the true meaning of family), replacing feelings of abandonment, healing our destroyed mindset, reshaping our economy, and etc. This Word, these laws, statues, and commandments are the key components in reestablishing the Righteous government, Healing.

Give us a glimpse of areas where you have been healed by The Most High. How has this transformation (spiritually, physically, and mentally) increased your faith, your willingness to seek and obey Him?

Yadadiyah: It filled the void that I was missing. Something I knew my whole life but could never quite place my finger on it. I remember this povental point in my life where I was sitting around counting the boxes of cigars from rolling blunts. I counted 5 boxes, that’s 25 blunts in cigarellos I personally had not including the people that just walked up and offered to match. I knew at that point there had to be more out of life then just selling narcotics, going to clubs,  and simply wasting life away. This walk has been a transition on many levels to many to name, but it reshifted that nothing into something with a purpose and gave me direction to seek the kingdom.