Abinadab Scriptflair Yah: An Urban Servant of Yahuah

Acts 20:35 states that “I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the HaMashayach, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.” How does this particular scripture resonate with your spirit? Abinadab: This scripture resonates with my spirit because this is what Urban Servants is built on. We call ourselves the Free House, as freely we receive, freely we give according to Matthew 10:8. It is speaking about these scriptures, you have to be able to give. If you always receiving something, you won’t ever know how to give something. All our music is free, the content is free, we go out in these communities and we give for free. People don’t know that about us. We come out of our pockets to go out here in the Urban communities and serve our people. We let them know, we don’t need anything from you, no money or anything.. we want just want to give you this Life, and life is free. I am honored to have a job where I just give.. I will give Forever, as long as The Most High supplies, I will give it away. I want to be just like my FATHER, HE takes cares of my family, so I want to take care of other people families. Just as the scripture said, it is better to give than to receive, we all have to show a giving hand to our brothers and sisters, they been down so long. We have to understand they have been so used to swindled, they so used to people coming to them always wanting to something. Giving and Healing is a major part of unifying. I don’t think people should store up their cash, just to look at. Or store up these scriptures for yourself just to rebuke your brother or sister instead of teaching them. Everybody need this and just as you give to others, The Most High will give to you just as the scriptures say.

You have a motto “Still Urban Still Serving.” Could you please expound on this set apart saying:

Abinadab: I come from a different environment, I come from an urban area and the way our people can relate to us, is if we look like them. We have to come looking like our people and serve them in the Urban communities. That is where our people are. You can’t come down to urban area in garments and expect to reach a gang member. I am a brother from the other side of the tracks, but I am righteous, I am a servant of Yahuah, while keeping my Urban image in order to appeal to my people. Serving my brothers and sisters in the urban communities that need it. Just like the scriptures say, Do the whole need a doctor (Matt 9:12, Mark 2:17, Luke 5:31)?The target should be the people who don’t know, the ones in the urban communities, the streets, the ill ones. That is who the Urban Servants are after.

Name one thing you would like others to know about you? Please explain. Abinadab: What I want people to know about me is that I am not tight like I look. Sometimes people look at me with the glasses on, gold grill, tattoos, how I dress, and get a preconceived notion that I don’t know the scripture (2 Cor 11:6). I am very well learned in the scriptures, I am a Lawman myself, I built my house and myself on the 613 (Luke 8:39). Never judge a book by its cover (1 Sam 16:7). My outer appearance shows my struggle of what I been through. How can you relate to someone that has not been through anything? What can they teach you if they never been through anything? It is all about My testimony (2 Tim 1:8, Psalms 66:16, Psalms 119:46). So, what I want people to know about me is that I AM A MAN OF THE MOST HIGH, and I keep the Laws, Statues, and Commandments ALL the days of my life. Although, I may look like this, I am still Urban and I am still Serving!

What does true healing looks like to you?

Abinadab: I will use myself as an example. True healing to me, means You are on this law. Because that is the ONLY thing that will heal you (Hosea 6:1, Hosea 1:44). That the only thing that will heal you, IS to get closer to The Most High (James 4:8, Psalm 103:2-5). In order to get TRUE HEALING, you have to get close to The Most High, and in order to get close to The Most High, is to keep his commandments. You have not truly been healed until you learn to Love The Most High. Who loves The Most High? Those who keeps HIS commandments. HE draws near to the broken. (Psalms 34:18)

List areas where you have been healed by the Most High? What were some stages of endurance that you overcame?

Abinadab: Sometimes I don’t know where to start! I have been hurt so many times from childhood to adult hood. I began to seek for things to cover the pain. The Most High loves a man with a broken spirit. Growing up, I had commitment issues. That is one area where I was healed in. Doing tours in Iraq, time in prison, on the streets, and just seeing the things I saw, really did something to my mind. This caused me to have anger issues and issues with authority. So, when I came back from Iraq, I began to indulge in drugs, illegal activities, and just all types of stuff that landed me in prison. As I began to get closer to The Most High, and learn the law, HE began to heal me as I committed to learn HIS love, HE taught me that even though I didn’t feel love around me, HE loved me. And in that, I began to love again. The Most High has healed me of many things from my mind, body, and soul thru the application of HIS law. I never knew TRUE HEALING until I started doing and applying the law. The endurance of doing the law, is how I overcame. By not just reading the word, by applying to my everyday life and teaching others to do the same.

What counsel would you give another brother who is currently striving to overcome and defeat that street life?

Abinadab: It is so hard to tell a brother something he has to give up something that is all he knows how to do that will feed his family. That is hard, to say stop that and do this. I believe by giving him my testimony, telling him how I gave 9 years of my life to the prison system, and how/what I did to overcome, that will hopefully show him a different way. Telling him how I missed my kids and how doing these things in the streets WILL keep you from your family. So now, you in jail or dead, how are you going to take care of them then? This is where I not only tell him but show him how I began to apply the laws, statues, and commandments to my life. By applying that, I am able to provide for my family while living a righteous life. See, this law, keeps you out of jail, free of diseases, and all that. The application of the law took me out of the gutter and raised me up as a man. A RIGHTEOUS man (Exodus 33:19) If I can make it, you can make it.

What areas do you see where brothers can put more work and effort in? Explain why?

Abinadab: Scripture says, first you have to take the plank out of your own eye (Matthew 7:3-5) Ya’ll know the scripture. The only way I can expound on this is I have been through certain things and fact is because I know the Ruach is dealing with me. I think brothers need to focus more on application on the LAW more. A lot of people know the scripture, say they are reading, and doing the law. But they are not applying the law.. they, we, have to start loving on each other more as brothers. We have to start loving on our sisters too. It is so much going on in the community, but what I can say about the men, we need to stop being in competition with each other. We are in so much competition with each other, we forgot to love each other. We are family. Too much separation, we as brothers need to get together more. If the sisters see us getting together, the sisters will follow suit. We are the leaders of the community. It does not matter what name you call on, to me.. we should be able to come together and be better examples for our wives and children. 1 John 4:20 is a perfect example of why we should do better.

Define true brotherhood and unity?

Abinadab: It is just brothers getting together on this law in our community AND agreeing. Nothing can bring unity except these laws. It is all good to say “that’s my Ahch”, but until we prove each other, you can’t say that. We have to start unifying and come together on these scriptures. Sirach 6 speaks on proving a friend, we need put the name game aside and unify on these Laws, Statues, and Commandments. We have to set this up for our families.

Let us know what gifts the Most High has blessed you with. What would you like to bring to H.I.M.?

Abinadab: I don’t like to boast at all, but.. I just look like this. I am a very humble brother Proverbs 16:19. One of my gifts is faith. The Most High gave me an uncanny faith. Even as a child, I became to come into my spirituality. Even in my darkest moments, things I didn’t understand that was happening to me, I never blamed The Most High. I always knew HE would get me out of my situation. Rather I was in prison, or a drug deal went wrong, or anything . I just knew HE would get me out of it. Romans 12:6-8 speaks on different gifts we are given. Some of us are gifted in the scriptures, some have faith, some love.. some people’s strength is their meekness and humbleness. But my gift has always been faith. My faith always brings me to the scripture on faith of a mustard seed that we can move mountains. I really believe that you can make that mountain move. ANY mountain. If you know HE gonna do it, HE gon’ do it! I am a faithful servant, so I KNOW HE is going to do it. That is my gift. Faith. What I would like to give to other brothers coming up in their healing, is no matter what you are going through, KNOW that The Most High is with you and remember, 1 Cor 10:13. HE won’t ever put more on you that you can bear. So always know that when you run into something, you are going to make it bro. As long as you are keeping these Laws, Statues, and Commandments, you are going to make it through-Proverbs 12:21. So my words would be stay on this Law, remain obedient to The Most High and stay diligent. I don’t care if you feel like it is one of them Trump walls in front of you, you gon’ make it!

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