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Are you a sister who embodies the spirit of a ✅NURTURER? One who has ✅COMPASSION for babies & their families, one who is ✅HONEST, ✅OPTIMISTIC, have a desire to gain valuable ✅SKILL SET, and is ✅EMPATHIC? 

Do you have a desire to become a certified doula? This will be a program that will align directly with THE MOST HIGH'S Word and Standards, acquire labor & delivery, postpartum knowledge, and duties of a holistic nurturer, as well as gaining insight of herbalism.

Layout of Program:  The program is structured for all students to complete the curriculum in a 6 months timeframe. You will have the opportunity to complete the courses at your own time(self-paced).

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What's the cost of the  program?

You will have the options of choosing: 

(1) 6 installments of $83.88 until duration of the program; or (2) one full payment of $503.28  

2. Who is this course for? 

We are proudly welcoming: aspiring doulas, family caregivers, healthcare professionals. All who heed the call to embrace childbirth as part of the natural life cycle with more compassion and knowledge

 3. Do I need any prior experience or education to start this certification program? 

No, you do not need any prior experience, though if you have any experience working with women, children, or families in any capacity, this is sure to generally enhance your doula services.

 4. How long do I have to complete the certification requirements? 

The program is designed for all coursework to be completed within a 6 months time span.

 5. Are you pro natural birth?

We are pro choices! As a doula, you will support clients who are planning a natural birth, a cesarean, an epidural, a home birth, a hospital birth, or birthing center. In all cases, we support the right of a birthing woman to determine their own experience and their right to make informed decisions that are right for them. One of our mottos are: We support the client in her decision on how she wants to birth. HER BODY, HER BABY, and HER BIRTH. We do recognize that in most cases vaginal, drug-free birth carries the least risk for both the birthing person and their baby, and for many, this type of experience is profoundly moving. However, it may not be right for everyone - either because it is not what they desire, or because unexpected challenges arise.

 6.  Are there any required textbooks that must be purchased for the course?

No. All reading material will be uploaded into the curriculum. 

 7. What if I need more support? 

Some of our students prefer more support; a mentor to guide them through the different stages of the course, check in with them regularly and help walk them through any topics of discussions.  Hence why I encourage every student to attend the weekly doula huddle.

 8. Are there Standards of Practice which doulas are required to adhere to? 

Yes, C.H.O.S.E.N Doulas are required to sign a commitment to operate within the C.H.O.S.E.N Doula Standards of Practice, and Certification may be revoked if misconduct occurs. 


Contact us at chosendoulaprogram@gmail.com for more info.