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Please give us an introduction to who you both are? The House of Bishop Josiah: My name is Bishop Josiah Gabar and my wife’s name is Zana Gabar. I was born and raised in the state of Minnesota and my wife was born and raised in Toronto Canada. I’ve been in the truth for 12 years, and my wife for 6. Aside from my job as a Bishop, I am also a Youth Worker, working with Israelite youth in the system, helping them reach success and getting their lives back on track. Zana is an elementary school teacher working in the Toronto Board. We both have a passion for working with youth, and teaching the word of God to our people.

Let’s open up with Sirach25:1- “In three things I was beautified, and stood up beautiful both before God and men: the unity of brethren, the love of neighbours, a man and a wife that agree together.” What does the latter part of this scripture mean to you? The House of Bishop Josiah: This verse is very powerful. It goes to show the Most High’s love for unity and peace amongst his people. The unity of brethren is often not portrayed in our community due to the difference in doctrine and interpretation of the scriptures. Coming out of slavery, we have not learned how to love each other unconditionally, and this is something we need to work on as a community. Men and women that can love one another, agree together, support each other, and uplift one another. These are the things that the Lord loves to see. Also, it is important to marry an individual whom you are compatible with, which is why it is expressed that it is beautiful for a man and his wife to agree. Two people become one flesh after marriage, therefore if both parties are in agreeance, their spirits will move as one unit – the husband leading in righteousness, and the wife following in his footsteps with love.

Take a moment and reflect on you all journey and experiences with other families; families who are striving to live a righteous life according to The Most High’s laws, and families who have yet to be awakened. Based on your experiences and wisdom, what areas do we need to seal and patch up? The House of Bishop Josiah: After taking part in different events in the Israelite community, I would emphasize that most of it was a positive experience. Getting out there into the community to serve and worship the Most High with other believers is an experience in itself that is pleasing to the father. Based on our experience, the one area we believe that needs to be patched up is subconscious pride. For example; many of us from different congregations or groups might use a different name to refer to the Most High and Christ and because of this, people tend to lack supporting others due to the difference in the belief of the names. When Christ returns, we will be on one accord, so as for now our people should refrain from debating or making an issue out of what name other’s call upon. Once we get this small cause resolved, the gatherings will be even more excellent.

Meditate on the numerous distractions, the sterotypes, and what is deemed ‘normal’ by society for Israelite families (on both sides: the ones who lack knowledge of self and the ones who are now awakened). How can Israelite families become more discipline and also increase their willingness to endure? The House of Bishop Josiah: It is difficult to live in a world where there is so much difference of opinion. We have many negative influences not only in the media, but in our communities because we lack understanding. Israelites have begun to receive a bad rap sheet for how we are portrayed on social media, and by the world who is watching us. This not only can be a distraction for those who lack knowledge, but also a stumbling block. We as a nation need to become more disciplined in our actions and our behavior. Many distractions and temptations can come from this world, and in order for us to be able to endure, we must possess the passion for the Most High and not allow our fire to burn out. The problem is, people who begin to go through trials and tribulations tend to become weak, and give up on the Most High; thus leading them back into the world. Families need to function as a unit and support one another in order to be able to endure together. No matter what a person is going through, there is someone out there who might share the same story. We need to communicate and practice spiritual endurance in order to have the willingness to push ourselves to the end.

Bishop Josiah: I want zoom in on how your wife Zana is shining her light in the areas of being a righteous helpmeet by teaching the young women and children, and even assisting you with feeding The Most High’s flock by being your reader and providing her wisdom as well. Now, we all know most seem to have a problem with this particular task. However, how can both an Israelite brother and sister begin to understand that there is more work for the Israelite sisters to accomplish than the general homemaker and child-bearer. Bishop Josiah: Firstly, it is important to recognize that our beloved women are a precious gift from the Lord. We as men need to recognize the importance of utilizing our sisters and their skills outside of the general homemaker and child-bearer duties. The proverbs 31 woman possesses many qualities that allows her husband to be spoken well about. Many women in our community are blessed with wisdom, gifts, talents, etc. If we suppress them, we will be lacking as a nation. Both our brothers and sisters need to work together to become the perfect balance. It is important to include our sister’s ideas into stepping up and showing the world that they are full of wisdom, and to reflect the Israelite community well. We are not only a nation of men, but we have women in our nation as well. We do not need to make moves separately, but as a unit together. When families begin to recognize the importance of coming together and utilizing all aspects of their unit, only then can we become successful as a nation. Men leading in righteousness, and women following behind with support and helping when needed. Being a help-meet is not restricted to house duties. A help-meet is there to help in all aspects of the man’s life. This includes teaching, feeding the flock, supporting the people, and raising up the nation.

What godly counsel would you extend to an Israelite family who know they’re God’s chosen people but can’t seem to pull away from the world? In addition to, an Israelite brother who doesn’t have order establish in his home but teaches other families.

The House of Bishop Josiah: In order to become a teacher, one must first be a student. Brothers who do not have order established in their own home have no business teaching other families. First we as individuals must have our houses in order so that we can be an example to those who need support and guidance in the faith. Now, that doesn’t mean a household won’t have its issues, but the method in which those issues are dealt with and resolved is what’s important. For those families who know who they are, but can’t seem to pull away from the world need to practice self-discipline. The world tends to pull us away from what we know to be true. This is because evil has been created to look attractive and fun to partake in. People who are having trouble must begin by cutting back on worldly connections and relationships. You might not be able to keep the same friends, or watch the same movies, etc. Everything must be cleansed in order to be able to withstand temptation when it comes our way. It is impossible to pull away from the world if you are still a part of it. It starts by cleaning out all the negative influences in your life, and praying that the Lord draws you closer to him now knowing the truth. We must despise the world, and its pleasures. Only then, can we truly repent.

What are the first steps to endurance and discipline? How can we as Israelite families establish order and peace in our homes? The House of Bishop Josiah: The very first step to endurance and discipline is to know your weaknesses and identify them. We must be able to recognize where we are lacking in order to pinpoint how to fix it. Secondly, we must remove temptations for our weaknesses. Thirdly, we must set goals on how we can execute our plans to remove the temptations, and create positive routines to keep us going. Establishing order in the home begins with the man. If a man is not in order and disobedient to the Most High, his house will follow the same way. The wife will be disobedient to him, and the children will be disobedient to the both of them. A righteous home starts with the leadership. First, men must establish discipline within themselves and the Most High, and their household will follow in the same pattern. We must be a reflection of what we want to see; thus leading to peace in within our families.

What would you all like to bring to G.I.F.T.E.D.? How can we contact you all and where can one begin to follow the ministry that The Most High has bestowed upon you all? The House of Bishop of Josiah: We can be contacted through Facebook: Bishop Josiah; we go live every Friday Night for Live Q&A, followed by our Saturday classes at 3pm Eastern Time going over the world of God chapter by chapter each week. Youtube: Bishop Josiah. G.I.F.T.E.D is a positive outlet that is allowing for the positive portrayal of Israelite families and allowing them to tell their story. We would like to bring the aspect of nurturing and structuring your home in righteousness where men can have the ability to lead, and women and children following in order; all while contributing to the truth all together as a unit. In order to function as a nation, we need to begin to start functioning as families. This is something that everyone should become involved with and we are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of it.

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