Anyone who is closely acquainted with me, know you are a sister that I am very close to. Give them an insight of who you once were to who you are now?

Channah: Ditto, I praise The Father for that Piney Carrot Post!! Honestly, I don’t know where to start, but what I will say is that Thank The Most High, I am not who I used to be. I used to be very timid, and easy to run over. I did not have much direction, so I sometimes went in circles-literally and figuratively! I suffered abuse, abandonment, and loss. BUT..One thing remained; my spirituality was on 100! Even then, HE kept me. He didn’t excuse me from the trials and tribulations, HE knew that it would mold me into the woman you know and love today. Psalm 107 explains how HE loves. I sometimes wonder what how I would have handled situations now, before these scriptures. But honestly, I forgot that person! I can tell you now that I am a willing vessel for The Most High, who lives a righteous life. Romans 6:6 resonates with me daily, and while I have learned from that old man, I am elated to reintroduce myself! Shalom, I am Channah.

Colossians 1:11 tells us that “Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;." During your journey, what areas has The Most High strengthen your patience?

Channah: These questions really make you think Sis! But, for me, if I am being transparent Gal 5:22 is my go-to. My patience has strengthening so much dealing with the lost souls who don’t know anything. We want them to get it so bad, that sometimes it frustrates us, well me. I sometimes cry out aloud and ask The Most High why don’t they get it. However, we can’t forget the scriptures! Those who have an ear…HEAR and 1 Cor 3:6-8. The truth is, my strength in patience comes from our FATHER who has patience with us daily, every second. So, that is where HE strengthened me.

What godly counsel can you give sisters about the spirit of joyfulness? Channah: Simple: John 15:11. Stop looking for joy in man and start letting the love of The Most High’s laws, statues, and Commandments INSTILL HIS joy in you. The scriptures tells us find joy in trials, is that by chance? No, because truth is once I put The Most High 1st, and kept HIS laws, even in my worse moments, I was joyful as the storm raged around me (Psalms 107:29) HE was faithful. I am grateful that I have an amazing husband who genuinely loves me. That does makes things a lot easier that I don’t have to do this walk alone anymore. But my dear sister, take heed to this next sentence. I was very happy in my walk before my husband. That means that although he adds to the joy I have, it was given by The Most High. This is where so many of us go wrong, we get into this walk thinking a man will help us find joy. Hence why so many of us fall victim, and then want to leave the only one who can give pure unfiltered love. I will say this read 2 Timonty 3:6-7, and be the opposite. True Joy is given by our FATHER, it can’t be found.

Being one that has weathered many spiritual storms, how did you regain your strength and peace back?

Channah: Sheesh! Again, The Most High. My faithfulness in HIM helped me gain my strength. Nothing more, nothing less. I owe it all to HIM. Was is it easy, NO.. heck no, but so worth it. When I think back to those times, and a lot of them you were there, so you got to see the whole transition. Even I didn’t think I was going to bounce to back, if I am being honest. BUT THE MOST HIGH! Everything that we go through is 1. Planned (Ecc 3) 2. According to HIS plan and purposed (Romans 8:28) and 3. Builds (Romans 5:1-6) with that in mind, how are diamonds made? Pressure. If HE doesn’t test you, how do HE know that you are serious about not only this walk, but helping HIS people. How can I tell a sister how to move a mountain, when I just been moving twigs? James 1:2-4 says we should count it all joy, because HE is trying our faith to grow our patience, and patience as still as she is, is Perfect and once you master Patience.. you are in there! IT is levels to the thing call faith. I kind of went off topic, but truth is, the scriptures strengthened me back to peace. Knowing that HE found me worthy to throw Malakah in the fire, and once the ashes were dusted off, Channah was blazing! What is there left to say?

What were the most challenges you faced as you were put through the fire of afflictions?

Channah: My go to scripture, outside of Jer 29:11, is 1 Peter 4:12. The main challenge I faced was trust. When your trust has been broken, all you have is The Most High to lean on. However, that is the key. HE is all you know how to get back, because in order to love HIM, you have to trust HIM, and with that..trusting in HIS will. Whether good bad happy or sad. I am girded in HIM, my foundation is stable. Which is why after a hard trial, I mean one that I did not think I was going to come back from..HE knew I was. HE knew although my words said one thing, HE knew my intentions were to serve HIM and HIS people. IF I had kept that stony heart, I would have never been open to courting, loving, and then marrying the love of my life. This built me up, to be the wife and sister I am today.

Take a moment to reflect on Sirach 25:1- “In three things I was beautified, and stood up beautiful both before God and men: the unity of brethren, the love of neighbors, a man and a wife that agree together,” how does this particular scripture resonates with you at this very moment on your spiritual journey? Please expound on the latter part of this scripture.

Channah: OH man, to lamb back (cuz piggy is unclean lol) off my last sentence from question 3.. What sisters do not understand is that if you are at odds with your husband, The Most High is not pleased sis. Here we are these Pillars (Sirach 36:24) acting like sheetrock. Sheetrock is easily broken and damaged when it gets wet. However, a PILLAR, keeps standing through it all, because we have to be strong for our men. If you know your husband is acting in righteousness, why would you not agree with him? Think about how Eve didn’t agree with her husband.. what happened? This scripture is so powerful because it is telling you what The Most High loves, and I want to make sure that I keep making HIM proud. And by staying on one accord with my husband has sooo many benefits! Amos 3:3, if we didn’t agree, we would be headed nowhere fast. The same goes for unity, I often wondered if put aside the doctrines differences and see what happens. The gist is, under the doctrines, we agree that we love The Most High and want to do right by HIM- That is enough to build on.

What does it mean to you for us [sisters] to be modest inwardly? Do you think we are lacking in this area? Or do we balance being modest outward and inwardly quite well? Why or why not?

Channah: Modest inwardly is just what it says: Being modest inwards, if your inside is modest (spiritually) then the outer will automatically resemble that (physically). The two go hand in hand, which is why I 100% know we are lacking in this area. I say we because if one lacking, we are lacking somewhere. #NoSisterLeftBehind Leaving our sisters behind just because we THINK we mastered this walk. I have seen sisters with the most beautiful headwraps and skirts to the floor with their cleavage out and the most unattractive attitude ever, looking the part but actually missing the part where 1 Peter 3:3-4 speaks outward apparel vs inward. We have to be modest in all areas, speech, dress, thoughts, etc.. Modesty is bigger than headwraps, fringes, and dresses.

If there was one advice you would give a sister who feels like throwing in the towel during their fiery trail, what would it be?

Channah: Don’t. Joy comes in the morning. I can say that with confidence sis, JOY (that comes from The Most High) does come with stipulations .. However, there is a price that we must pay to receive such a great gift. Romans 12:12 has three words that should stand out: Rejoice, Patience, Continuing. James 1:2-3 is another scripture that should let you know, that everything you need is already instilled in you, you just have to activate it. And once the morning comes, you will be able to know where your help came from. See, man can give joy, it can be taken it away by that man or The Most High. The Most High can give joy, and take it away. But the Joy that The Most High gives, can’t be taken away by man. So wait happily. In constant prayer. Your FATHER gonna show up, as long as you are obedient and keeping HIS laws. There is that stipulation that I mentioned. If you wicked and not trying to repent, then this doesn’t apply to you.

What gifts has The Most High blessed you with and how can we support them?

Channah: The gift that I have is love. I love my people. ALL of them. I forgive very easily and love even harder. I wish I had a gift like you sis, where it was tangible, lol.. but HE didn’t give me that to me. However, HE did bless me with the idea of Mitres N Headwraps a few years ago, through the love of just wanting to link up with the brethren.. and break bread together, in love. You can also visit my new site where you can become apart of S.H.E. (Serving, Helping, and Edifying). A place where sisters build and become servants to one another through The Most High's laws, statues, and commandments.

What would you like to bring to S.H.W.A.G.G. platform?

Channah: I hope one day all sisters develop a #DontDeleteMeSis mindset. There are some sisters I deleted, and later hoped we could have worked the differences out so we could build. Titus 2 is clear on who should be teaching these younger sisters on being sober, love their husbands and children (in that order), how to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands. If there are no examples, then how can these sisters see a righteous example. I know many wonder where that hashtag came from, but quick story: I made a post regarding order, this sister was soooo upset and she said some things from a worldly mindset. I corrected her with scripture, and told her I hope you don’t delete me sis, because I love you.. I want to build with you, not tear you down, but that worldly mindset down.. She ended up deleting me because some sisters can’t take correction, which is sad because Proverbs 12:15-19 says the way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who hearkeneth unto counsel is wise. So in closing, I want to leave this with SHWAGG- HE wants it all, what are you not willing to give up? If there is something, get rid of it because it will hinder your work, walk, and home.

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