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You never know what talent The Most High has bestowed upon you until you begin to tap into it for yourself.  I first transitioned to a "vegan" lifestyle a couple of years ago, maybe 2015.  I got tired of stuffing myself with animal flesh and other greasy process foods.  Of course, my first move was to go and purchase numerous prepackaged "meatless" items.  The more my spirit desired to become healthier, the more I begin to make time to study and learn from others which led me to Dr. Sebi's studies, herbs, and other healing techniques.  The more I read, the more I learned that there was a huge difference between vegan vs. alkaline vegan, or as the late great  Dr. Sebi called it, "The African Bio Mineral Balance", the healthier my mind, body, and spirit became.  Fast forward to today, I only consume foods and herbs that are listed on Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide.  I have more natural energy, less joint and muscle pains, clear cognitive thinking.etc.


Reflecting on how determined I was to clean my temple that The Most High dwells in, I begin to step out of my comfort zone and assist my family and friends in my local area in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. It wasn't until The Most High used my strong support system to relay a message to me that entailed that herbal healing is one of my purposes that He has commanded me to fulfill. So here I am, fulfilling on of my purposes by focusing on being a vessel of The Most High to help others elevate and find true healing spiritually, mentally, and physically.


Health is wealth!!


Sirach 30:15 KJV- Health and good state of the body are above all gold, and a strong body above infinite wealth.



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